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Ways to Download Embedded Video From Websites:

An increase in the growth of the videos on the internet has resulted in people looking to download videos from a website. Let’s see the best options by which you can download these videos from websites.

There are many options you can use if you are trying to download video from a website. We will check these options to understand the concept of downloading the video from a website.

Use of Browser Extension

Extensions like Chrome extensions are one of the good options to save a video from the website. The browser extension should be the best option for you if you are trying to download an embedded video.

Moreover, some of the extension options would include Flash Video Downloader, free video downloader, and Video Download Helper. The extensions are dependent upon the browser you have chosen. Many extensions are available for Firefox and Chrome.

Directly Download Videos from the site

Another excellent option to download videos from the website. This will work only for the embedded video in the form of an MP4 file. Saving the embedded video would be rather easy and straightforward.

Right-click on the link of the video and choose for the option Save. By clicking on Save video as and selecting the correct format would help you to download the video. But video can only be downloaded directly from embedded link.

Online Portals for downloading the Embedded Video

Another excellent option is online portals to download video from the website that is specialized for the service. In this regard, there are many suitable options.

Some good examples which are helpful here are as below:




Moreover, an excellent option is to download a video from the mainstream video sharing services, but some services may show failed download error. You have to check the compatibility of the site before using any of these services.

Downloading embedded videos from online portals is quite simple and easy. So there is no need to search and download any program, and therefore no tool is required to work with any difficulty.

Using Screen Recorder

Using a Screen recorder is another option to save video from the website. This will be one of the top and best choices if none of the other options work. There are chances where you may find that the above options will not work in some specific cases.

A screen recorder can help you by recording the video and saving it to your computer or laptop. Of course, video quality might be lower than other options. This method is the right choice for shorter videos.

To sum up, these are some excellent options you can use it if you are looking for how to download an embedded video. I hope you like it!