How To Use The DVDFab Downloader?
What does one want to download? An unreleased song, a classic movie, or an inspiring speech from Gates, Warren Buffett, or someone moving you forward? If you’re allowed to download such things, how briskly do you expect the download process, and how much do you hope one video or music occupies?

Then what online download websites or free software you’re using, and is it versatile or competent enough to satisfy your increasing needs for video and music download? If not, it’s time for you to offer up and check out the foremost powerful downloader that is newly updated DVDFab Downloader.

As a universal video and music downloader software, DVDFab Downloader covers everything no matter which website it might be. It is compatible with more than 200 popular videos or music hosting/sharing websites. This includes many and not only just limited to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc., but it also provides extreme convenience to download the top trending music or videos from your beloved artists, for freely offline playback.

With more and more platforms hospitable to the general public, DVDFab Downloader has successfully recruited them to the supporting download websites up to quite 1000. Then, regardless of where your source video is from, locate it with its URL or use the built-in browsers of this free music downloader.

Considering your downloaded files may take up an excessive amount of your limited space in mobile devices, multiple types of video resolution or audio resolution are also offered to help you save your memory. Now, follow me to find out how to use it to download any file of any format.

How to download and install the DVDFab Downloader?

This free music and video downloader can’t just be installed on your PC but is also available on your smartphone. Wherever you put in DVDFab Downloader, the most straightforward YouTube converter MP4, you’ll gain a pleasing video watching and music listening experience.

How to Download Music/ Videos


To download music or videos, you’re expected to locate and keep them playing in DVDFab Downloader first. This free video downloader will offer you some instructions, like choosing Audio Only or Video Mode, and choosing preferred audio or video resolution. Let me offer you an easy demonstration.

• Choose Audio Only/Video Mode

Take a YouTube video as an example. Click the Download button and choose Audio Only or Video supported your need. For videos from other websites, there’s only the “Download” button left.

• Choose Audio/Video Resolution

After you select Audio Only within the last step, three sorts of audio resolution will show up, encompassing Standard Quality 128 kbp2, High Quality -192 kbps, and 320 kbps. If you select Video to download, 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p are for your choice. These video resolutions vary with different videos. The lower resolution you decide on, the less space the downloaded file will take up.

How to Accelerate Download Speed To Maximum

When your music or video is being downloaded, click Downloads within the left navigational column and find the choice of Downloading on a replacement panel, where the Turbo-Speed download button is located. When DVDFab Download finishes downloading your file, you’ll click Music o Video on an equivalent panel to play your file.


Altogether the features mentioned above are only a part of the functions of this free music and video downloader. DVDFab Downloader also supports multi-task download, metadata download, and playlist download.