Anime Names For Girls

Anime Names For Girls: Most anime names are Japanese, which can fluctuate significantly, relying on what kanji used to spell the name. Suppose a particular person is a boy or a girl. Anime girl names are inclined to have softer meanings than masculine names do.

Anime girl names can have meanings revolving around issues like love, magnificence, nature, or gentle; however, there are numerous others as effectively. It displays how girls speculate about behaving: gentler and softer.

Out of your children to fan fiction, generally, you want to consider an excellent name, proper? Everybody needs a name that they love. Often, anime names for girls are enjoyable to make use of, mainly if you’re writing a fanfiction! Anime girl names are enjoyable to use because most westerners do probably not have a lot of publicity for Japanese names to be somewhat distinctive.

Has anybody else been in a category with three individuals with the same name? Additionally, it may be enjoyable to use a name out of your favorite anime character, which can have a big, which means to you.

A name is a kind of essential. It is somebody’s id and full being. A name can mirror the need to bestow it upon a baby, putting their needs and goals right into a single name. If the name is given with no, what does that imply for that particular person? Now, here is a listing of widespread anime girl names to contemplate.

Anime Names For Girls

  • Sora
  • Ichigo
  • Shizuka
  • Kyouko
  • Haruka
  • Hikari
  • Yumi
  • Haruhi
  • Sakura
  • Yuuki


This is among the cool anime names for girls and boys’ name that’s widespread. “Sora” means sky in Japanese. One of many kanji used for Sora will also be interrupted as “sky” or “heaven,” nonetheless there are two utterly different kanji used for Sora.

There are a lot of nice anime names for girls like Sora together with Digimon and Aa! Megami-Sama, however, Naegino Sora, actually takes the cake. Nagano Sora is the principal character of Kaleido Star. Sora has needed to take care of many issues in her previous. However, that did not hinder her future. Regardless of any challenges, she continues to work exhausting to realize her dream and soar to new heights!


Whereas the name Ichigo is called Bleach’s male protagonist’s name, do not be fooled; additionally, it is a name for girls as effectively! Ichigo means strawberry when used as an anime girl name. However, Ichigo can be the Japanese period for strawberry.

From Yumeiro Patissiere, the principal character’s name is Amano Ichigo. In the list of anime names for girls, Ichigo is a tenderhearted younger girl who likes to bake and eat many sweets. Her signature dishes are typically these made with fruits, particularly strawberries! In Tokyo Mew Mew, the principal protagonist known as Momomiya Ichigo. Who turns right into a magical catgirl with the signature shade pink. Each of those girls began off relatively inexperienced (new). However, they’re so candy and tender that they deserve the name Ichigo!


Shizuka is a Japanese name in the list of anime names for girls with a predominant, quiet or calm. It may imply flower, perfume, or excellence, relying on what kanji used for the name. In contrast, it will also use as a surname, as an anime name, primarily a given name.

Whereas in case you google “Shizuka,” chances are you’ll encounter countless footage about Shizuka from Doraemon, an ideal character to have a look at is Hio Shizuka from Vampire Knight. Hio Shizuka is also called the Mad Blooming Princess and understood for her violent tendencies. Though she isn’t a predominant character in Vampire Knight, she is a predominant piece of the story, particularly when it considerations Zero: previous, current, or future. Do not let the name idiot you. Shizuka is the farthest from being mad, particularly amongst the opposite vampires.


Kyouko makes use of two completely different phrases: kyou and ko. The Japanese phrase ko usually written within the kanji, which means little one, which may be very widespread for cute anime girl names. However, Kyou will be interrupted in many various methods equivalent to Echo, Mirror, respectful, town, or capital, right this moment, or apricot. Still, it indeed relies on what kanji used to put in writing kyou.

There are many anime names for girls like Kyouko equivalent to in Danganronpa, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Fruits Basket. However, the most well-liked character named Kyouko is Skip Beat! ‘s personal Mogami Kyouko. Mogami Kyouko is a respectful girl. She learns the reality behind all of the lies in her life. Alos she seizes the future in her arms to realize her dream of revenge. She is kind of new to the leisure world. She has no thought about what she’s doing. She’s positively awe-inspiring, as long as she’s not sure about individuals.


Haruka is relatively common among anime girl names, although it could generally be used among anime boy names. A couple of entirely different kanji used to put in writing out Haruka. Hence, it can change, however primarily, it will possibly imply spring, perfume, sunny climate, distance, and flower.

A notable anime girl named Haruka is Tenoh Haruka, also called Sailor Uranus. Sure, many individuals should have had enjoyable along with her name when she stepped into the collection. However, she’s a fascinating character, most notable for her relationship with Michiru, which is censored within the collection’s western adaptation. She confuses lots of the characters and her gender; however, that does not imply she messes around. Haruka tends to kick ass when she must, or she’ll be the sweetest lover that the Sailor Scouts will in all probability ever meet.


Hikari is the Japanese phrase and name, which means gentle. If not written in kanji, it’s written in hiragana. It is also famous in anime names for girls.

Hanazono Hikari is a notable Hikari from the anime Particular A! Hikari is a shiny, optimistic teenage girl with a love of competitors, mainly when her competitors are her lifelong rival, Kei! Though Hikari is a little bit too wanting to compete and tackle any problem without even listening to the problem’s circumstances, she makes for an enjoyable protagonist in Particular A. Regardless of being oblivious in additional methods than one, do not suppose that she’s not shiny. She’s high of her class, and she or he’s the shining gentle that everybody in Particular A wants.


Though not often used as a surname, Yumi is a relatively common name in Japan and Korea! Yumi’s kanji typically imply magnificence; however, the utterly different kanji may also imply motive, ample, night, fruit, tenderness, God’s blessing, permanence, and pal. Many utterly different kanji used for Yumi’s name; however, a lot of the kanji used implies magnificence.

In collecting anime names for girls, Chobits, Yumi’s name has relatively little significance, particularly for one little baker, Hiroyasu. However, persocoms have turn into fairly widespread and helpful in their society. Yumi is likely one of the few people who dislike utilizing actual persocoms—choosing a small persocom that merely lets her make telephone calls. Yumi has inferiority advanced about persocoms, which reveals to us that though expertise will be helpful. It will also be reasonably damaging, particularly when it comes all the way down to human relationships.


In the anime names for girls, Haruhi is a Japanese name that means spring day, although there are numerous methods to write out Haruhi.

Though one a well-known character with the name Haruhi is Suzumiya Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, this Haruhi tends to tetter between love and hate amongst followers. A very well-favored Haruhi could be Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran Excessive College Host Membership. She’s the feminine lead of this reverse harem, though she has no actual self-consciousness and doesn’t even take note of gender as much as the lads around her.

Haruhi solely cares about learning, paying off her debt, and ootoro. However, who would not love ootoro? Haruhi is a good character who brightens up the lives of many various characters all through Ouran Excessive College Host Membership, be it male or feminine, she captures everybody’s hearts whether or not they know her secret or not.


One name that’s significantly widespread out and in of Japan is Sakura. The name Sakura is taken from the Japanese phrase, which means cherry blossoms, which are inclined to bloom for a brief however necessary period within the spring. It’s a time when many individuals worldwide out to hunt the anime names for girls and sweetness; that’s the sakura season.

As far as anime girl names go, Sakura is likely one of the commonest. It is as a surname or given name. Maybe one Sakura that everybody is aware of is Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, who captured the guts of tens of millions along with her harmless attraction and bravado. She ventured to search out the Clow Playing cards that she had launched amongst the world. Kinomoto Sakura is a darling that many treasures; however, maybe this present day, it’s Haruno Sakura from Naruto that many visualize immediately upon listening to Sakura’s name.

Haruno Sakura is among the anime character names of a girl that reasonably frankly, aggravated the hell out of everybody. She first stepped into the collection because of the Sasuke fangirl that she was. As Naruto progressed, she matured and blossomed right into a kunoichi that was not solely useful, however reasonably able to dealing with herself in battle and lending a serving to hand to injured shinobi. Haruno Sakura should still have some quirks, however really, she’s somebody who lives as much as the name Sakura.


As one of the important widespread anime names for girls, Yuuki is a Japanese name that implies snow. There are entirely different kanji used to put in writing out Yuuki. Additionally, it is among one other anime girl names. In fact, chances are you’ll run into anime male characters with the name Yuuki like Sohma Yuuki from Fruits Basket.

Cross Yuuki from Vampire Knight is a personality not to be missed. When Yuuki first seems within the collection, she would not appear to be anybody particular. Apart from the truth that she’s the college director’s daughter, she has many mysteries surrounding her, together with the truth that can’t keep in mind her childhood earlier than she met Kaname. Yuuki can solely say that she was born on a snowy night time. Whether or not it has something to do along with her name or not. She begins off as a lovestruck teenage girl; however, she has a previous that can not be forgotten and a future that should face whether or not she needs to or not.

Last Ideas

When a name is widespread, there’s a motive behind it. Upon studying this article on anime names for girls, you will hopefully have discovered an anime name you want. Whether or not it is on your little one or you are alter ego. Every anime girl name has its persona and attributes to decide on or ignore. That takes the enjoyment and significance out of it.