Games like Terraria

If you are searching for games like Terraria, then here are the ten best games like Terraria for Windows, Android, iOS (free and paid), Mac (Steam). Moreover, if you enjoy playing Terraria and exploring large worlds, mining for sources, crafting brand-new items after that, we have obtained something special for you. 

Terraria is not the only game that uses these attributes and many more addicting games similar to Terraria.

Games Like Terraria to Play in 2021

Several other games provide similar gameplay aspects and even some additional distinct attributes that could also be interesting. Are you ready to experiment with new games like Terraria? If that’s an of course, then continue reading for ten outstanding games like Terraria that you can play right now.

Starbound ( Similar game if you compare vs Terraria )

StarBound gameplay and experience are very similar to Terraria. It’s one of the most similar games if you compare starbound vs terraria. The game has lots of fantastic random elements that make it even more interesting. Every aspect of the game is randomized, consisting of, however not restricted to quests, items, worlds, weather, day/night cycles, and far more.

All of the randomizations indicate that you can repeatedly play the game and still not experience whatever it needs to offer. It includes a great deal of replayability value to the game. If you want a game that maintains you hooked for a long time without you wearying after that, Starbound is one of the ideal games like terraria.


Nobody can deny the truth that Minecraft is one of the most prominent games around today. This game popularized the mining and survival genre that has been embraced by numerous games now, much like Terraria. Minecraft provides classic block graphics that might not be as pleasing as some 3D games available, yet the gameplay is immensely fun and immersive.

It’s a terrific sandbox, survival, and adventure game mixed with amazing RPG components that hook you up for a very long time. If you like building things and mining for newer sources, then Minecraft is perfect among the games like terraria for you, and certainly, a have to try if you have not currently.

SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld Dig is an additional mining adventure that’s rather similar to Terraria, and it also includes several of the goodness of the Metroidvania genre to make things much more exciting.

Enter the shoes of an old mining robotic called Rusty and start an exciting trip that will take you via the old planet, uncovering riches and prizes along with an ancient threat.

The World is randomized, so you enjoy the game to its fullest each time you play it. Get ready to mine for priceless elements, then come back to the surface area and market them for upgrades and cash. SteamWorld Dig is fantastic among adventure games definitely, a need to play if you like Terraria.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is an action game where whatever is all about your utmost survival. You are put into a world of ugly animals and beasts where all you have to do is survive.

Prepare yourself to walk around searching for resources, craft brand-new tools, and endure despite real risk in this legendary game. Build frameworks on your own and craft items that will aid you in your survival.

Don’t Starve is not a vivid game. Rather it’s sporting activities a dark art-style that looks fairly remarkable. You can play the game as you desire, depending on your style. Quest or farm your means to the end of this amazing game.

Craft The World

Craft The World approach styles to offer you special and excellent gameplay that will certainly keep you hooked for a long period. This game greatly attracts inspiration from Terraria in terms of gameplay elements and selection.

This game makes you charge of a Dwarf kingdom where you should grow the nest right into a complete kingdom with everyone living together. Moreover, exploration is the main mission of the gameplay.

You have to check out the randomly produced World, locate resources, craft items, and build your whole swarm. You must also safeguard your land against any opponent hazards. Prepare to build your Dwarf kingdom and experience challenging challenges in this outstanding game.

Deep World

Deep World is a remarkable sandbox game that uses excellent crafting mechanics and appealing visual appeals. It also gives an interesting adventure for the players and deep gameplay (No wordplay here meant). The outstanding steampunk feel and impressive gameplay make this game quite similar to Terraria and StarBound somewhat.

Given that the core gameplay is multiplayer concentrated, the game enables players to connect with other online gameplay players, making it much more fun and immersive. The game is cross-platform, so gamers from various systems can have fun with each other, which offers the game an entire community feeling where players interact.

Spelunky ( Perfect in the list of games like Terraria )

Games like Spelunky is an amazing platformer that offers you randomized worlds each time you play it, which offers you a new sensation each the moment you start the game. Embark on a trip deep under the ground and seek the shiniest of prizes for our adventure. Check out places loaded with numerous prizes and fight off monsters that are pestering these areas.

Spelunky is a terrific mix of platformer, adventure, and activity games with extremely rewarding gameplay that improves each new run. Get ready to explore massive caves, fight off evil monsters, and discover some amazing loot in this interesting game.

The Blockheads

The Blockheads is like the love-child of Minecraft and Terraria, with some additional functions that make it a lot more fascinating. This game provides a huge simulated block world with complete weather and environment system.

You reach craft, mine, check out, and fight-off beasts in this massive block world. Aid your blockheads in every means. Give them food, shelter, remainder, and whatever they require to endure—beginning exploring the large World of the blockheads. Craft a boat and begin browsing the large oceans, and wander about. This game plays with your imagination. You can do anything that you intend to carry out in this open-world game.

Dwarf Fortress

If you are a follower of adventure games after that, you must try Dwarf Fortress, as it is just one of the most one-of-a-kind inclusions on this listing. Gamers control a team of dwarves who wish to build a fortress at the top of the hill.

You must start gathering resources, produce shelter, and fight off monsters at night. It’s important to be safe as the evening animals will try to attack you, ransack your entire kingdom, and eliminate each of the dwarves. So, try to stay risk-free while building your kingdom.

Dwarf Fortress offers deep gameplay, and if you are not hesitant to try out the ASCII graphics, you are most likely to have a fun time playing this epic adventure game.

Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game is remarkable among adventure games like terraria. It is embedded in a 2D open-world that is completely free to play. The game does not truly provide building elements, yet it uses interesting exploration gameplay that’s quite pleasurable.

It’s most definitely among the most effective expedition experiences in all of the 2D games out there. Treasure Adventure Game uses a vast open-world with altering weather/seasons, interactive NPCs, special atmospheres, and a deep gameplay experience that’s rather pleasurable.

It will certainly put you in the shoes of a young traveller who starts a trip. You accept quests and check out the huge open-world and seas to search for treasures.


Prepare to discover, mine, craft, and build your method to a new adventure with all the games mentioned above. Suppose you were looking for a couple of games like Terraria; after that, currently, you’ve navigated ten games that are as delightful and amazing like Terraria. Do tell us if there are other games like Terraria that we ought to learn about.