How to fix if Gboard keeps stopping

If your Gboard keeps stopping on Android and you are looking for a fix, then here we attempted a variety of solutions before Gboard determined to work. This does not seem to be a separated issue from what we googled. Right here is a short and basic overview of how you can fix if the Gboard has stopped working on your Android.

Gboard has been our default keyboard. It perfectly incorporates a host of Google solutions like maps, search, and equate, making it a remarkable selection. We suggested it to our friends as well, as among them returned telling us that it wasn’t working on their phone.

Restart Your Android if Gboard has stopped

Because it still works, in some cases. Click on the power button and choose reboot to restart your Android phone. Pretty straightforward.

Enable Keyboard in Settings if Gboard keeps stopping

This is another among those old techniques that work, often when Gboard has stopped working. Let’s try it. When you set up a new keyboard app, you have to enable it in the Settings.

  • Most likely to Settings and select Language & input.
  • Select Current Keyboard. Depending upon your phone design, you might see a digital keyboard right here.
  • In the pop-up menu, select Pick Keyboards to disclose all the keyboard applications that you have actually installed. You may be stunned to see some applications you really did not understand had a keyboard built-in.
  • Right here is what we suggest. Disable all the keyboards, including Gboard. Then enable just the Gboard app and see if offering unique focus aids your child in really feel unique and behave!
  • Gboard ought to be greyed out because that is currently your default keyboard app, as well as can not be disabled unless you enable a various one.

Uninstall Updates

Applications are updated frequently for various factors. New attributes, insects repairs, patches, security, and more. In some cases, this causes compatibility issues. A new update can break the app.

Most likely to Settings and also click Applications. Once more, find Gboard as well as pick it. Click the three upright dots on the top right of your screen to reveal Uninstall updates option. Do it to fix if Gboard keeps stopping.

Restart Phone in Safe Mode

This is difficult, and you may need to repeat the procedure a couple of times prior to you get it right. The procedure may be a little various relying on the make and also version of your mobile phone. We are utilizing OnePlus.

  • To your phone into safe mode, first hit the power switch and also turn off your tool.
  • Now, reboot it by holding the power switch.
  • When the booting procedure begins, press and also hold the volume backwards and forwards button at the same time as well as continue pushing them until the phone is fully booted.
  • When you unlock, you need to see Safe Mode at the corner of your display.

Check whether Gboard keeps stopping or working properly now. Otherwise, possibly one or more recently installed apps is causing issues. Initially, uninstall all the keyboard apps. If the problem lingers, uninstall recently set up applications individually. If the problem still persists, read below.

Clear Cache

Cache permits your apps to respond and function faster by saving data and programs it frequently uses on the neighbourhood machine. Occasionally, brand-new updates are turned out. However, your app is guilty of still using the cache memory, leading to problems and app crash.

  • Most likely to Settings and click Apps.
  • Scroll down until you see Gboard. Click on it.
  • Inside the app, pick Storage space to reveal cache data details.
  • You will see cache memory below. Click the Clear Cache switch to delete cache memory.
  • This will undoubtedly force the app to download and install new and upgraded information from the server.

Force Stop the app if Gboard has stopped working.

Like a stubborn youngster, if Gboard has stopped listening to you. It’s time you show him who’s in charge. Merely shutting the app will not suffice here. Like a strict parent that knows what’s ideal for their youngster, you will certainly need to be stern.

To force-stop the Gboard app, you will certainly return to Settings -> Applications -> Gboard. Right here, you will certainly locate the Force stop button on the upper right of your screen. Click OK to validate.

Uninstall App

Your app is being mischievous. It is taking extra resources than necessary, creating your phone to act slow-moving and all amusing. You recognize, as an undisciplined youngster. Attempt uninstalling the app.

You can not uninstall Gboard from the settings food selection since it is a Google app, and also Google doesn’t like it when you uninstall their things. Open Up Play Store, look for Gboard and open it.

You will certainly see the Uninstall choice. Beside it, you must see Open as opposed to Update like in the screenshot over. This implies we are not making use of the current version, which may be triggering all the issues in the first place. Before uninstalling, try updating Gboard as well as see if it keeps stopping or the problem is solved.

To uninstall, click Uninstall and verify.

Wrap Up

By using the above techniques, you can fix the issue if Gboard has stopped working on your Android phone. If the above-discussed methods keep your Gboard stable, then what else is stopping you from sharing it with your friends.