Are The Audio Technica ATH M50x Still Worth It In 2020?

Audio Technica ATH M50x headphone is one of the best and widely used professional studio monitoring headphones for mixing music by DJs and Music Creators. The performance and quality of this headphone are top-notch and highly rated.

This Audio Technica M50x headphone has a deep bass, which is the best part of it. Every detail of the sound is crisp and clear. The design is also excellent and durable, that fits perfectly without clamping force on your head. These are compatible with almost all the devices due to their frequency range and wired design.

With the freedom of wired design and reputed soundstage, ATH-M50x is still available on the shelves of almost all big stores like B&H, whereas wired-only headphones are vanishing from the market rapidly. But the M50Xs are still making their mark over the Bluetooth Headphones for many music makers. Here we try to see why Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is still worth every penny in the modern competition of high-end headphones.

Audio Technica ATH M50X Features and Design

The M50Xs are pretty stylish in aesthetics and have a modular look about their ear cups and headband that let you consider high-tech style. You’ll get the headphones with few different colors like navy, all black, or tan leather.


The headphones are totally made from plastic, apart from the padding, but this plastic is relatively durable and will take some punishment before showing signs of stress. The headphones also will fold flat to help with storage.

One excellent design option is the ability to swap out the earcup pads of the headphones once they start to affect them. Sound quality is often much suffered by how closely the earcups place the drivers to the listener’s ears. Puffier padding can often improve sound quality.

All of the cables inside use the proprietary Audio-Technica connector, making it harder to exchange them

So when the leather pads of your earcups start to degrade, you’ll purchase replacement ones and swap them out with little trouble. It’s a way more excellent solution than having to seem for a replacement pair of headphones entirely.

The M50Xs even have a couple of extra accessories to feature to their overall value. The box comes with a nice soft carrying pouch to offer you a simple storage solution during travel. Confine mind that this pouch is small, quite a loose bag instead of a box with segmented sections to keep all the accessories. You would possibly find it more convenient to keep the headphones around your neck in most cases.

There’s also a ¼ inch to three .5 mm adaptor, plus 3 different extra audio cables. One is straight, and therefore the other is coiled; both are 10 feet for your convenience. The third and final cable is merely 3 foot long, but it’s a straight, sturdy cable that is perfect for plugging the headphones into your smartphone.

There is one downside about these cables, however, is that they need a proprietary Audio-Technica connector. This is often a little quite a ploy from the manufacturer to force you to shop for their cables if one among them breaks and you would like a replacement.

Audio Technica ATH M50X Comfort Score

A nice bonus of the planning is that the ear cups can rotate up to 90°. Anything that helps comfort maybe a win in our eyes.

However, the power to suit the cups to your ears more precisely is essential since the padding isn’t the foremost breathable material. it’s a bent to urge warm, particularly in hot climates, and this will make your ears feel sweaty after a brief while. You’ll practically need to take them off every once during a while to chill down unless you’re within the dead of winter.

This padding is formed of synthetic leather, so it feels nice upon the first inspection but quickly becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, these headphones aren’t the simplest for marathon listening sessions for hours upon hours. The padding of those headphones isn’t very breathable and comfortable.

The beautiful thing about these pair of headphones is that the sole weighs 10 ounces in total. So hanging around your neck or resting them on your head for hours at a time isn’t likely to worry out the muscles of your neck or back.

The sole thing holding these headphones back from being among the first comfortable pairs on the market is the soft padding. We’d recommend these for daily use and marathon purpose if you reside during a cold climate already, because the odds of your environment making your ears too sweaty may be a lot lower.

Superb Audio Quality

In terms of sound quality, these pair of headphones are pretty top-tier. They deliver a sound that’s vibrant and lively. There’s much energy to sound right along with the auditory range. High pitch range and midrange sounds seem particularly nice. The midrange sounds are emphasized with brighter climaxes and crescendos, although the treble sound isn’t as pronounced.

The bass projection is excellent also. There’s much weight to be heard without the bass sounds overwhelming the others in any given track. These are a unique pair of headphones for pop and hip-hop in equal measure. High and midrange sounds are projected all right Even tracks with tons of vocalization should project fairly well to all right when listened to with these headphones.

The sole flaw within the audio projection comes with some deeper male voices. These singers are often a touch underheard when surrounded by higher, punchier sounds or singers.

These headphones don’t have much to supply in terms of noise cancellation. Some noise isolation is inevitable thanks to the padded earcups, but this isn’t an entire lot to figure with, and it won’t do much to obscure the sounds of a busy street if you listen outside. Despite the closed-back design here, the ATH-M50X doesn’t support their sound with better noise canceling design.

Oddly enough, the seal works rather well to stop people from hearing your music as you play. If only the seal worked better within the other way, it’d receive higher marks.

Connectivity Side

As one of the few only wired headphones on the market, the M50Xs are a neighborhood of a dying breed. That said, there’s certainly a marketplace for audiophiles who prefer the reliability of wired connections over the inherent instability of Bluetooth connections without having to take risks.

As mentioned previously, the acquisition comes with three different audio cables that each one uses the proprietary Audio-Technica twist-lock system. This does make it easier to secure your wired connection to your headphones, albeit replacing the cables is more of a task as a result.

My Conclusion

So are these Audio Technica ATH M50x Still Worth it in 2020? Yes, for sure, this M50Xs is an excellent example of classic headphones that also believe the steadiness of wired connections to offer listeners high-quality sound.

While they need tons to supply, they’re limited by their comfort issues and lack any excellent noise reduction design. A far better seal would make their superb audio performance stand out more.

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