iGrip Pad

IGrip pad is an Anti-Skid adhesive rubber piece used in a car. It uses hand stands'”Sticky Pad” tech to back its own back on a level surface and items on the front. We predict it adhesive since it’s moist and sticky. IGrip pad though not coated in goo which we might wash. In reality, washing renews its predecessors. It feels somewhat offputting but mercifully conveys no odor and not socialized until you stick removing or to the iPod out of its surface.

iGrip adhesive pad benifits

IGrip pad can be an easy adhesive pad that attaches to your iPod as well as also car. Therefore simple that it only merits a couple of paragraphs. iGrip adhesive Pad for $8.99 can be an unusual gimmick of an iPod car bracket that you’ll either enjoy or not. 

Nothing wrong if people decide to take to it only to see whether it works within their cars. However, the igrip pad has limited compatibility with many vehicles. It has less business than an adhesive grip, as many iPod owners might require.

We use the iGrip at home and in different places. People realize the ball and grip on it is how comfortable it is. After some research, we found that it was the name of a company in Japan that makes gadgets.

How to Use of iGrip pad

You mount iGrip onto your car or truck’s dashboard and then put your I pod in addition to it, as well as used. For those who have an entirely or mainly horizontal dashboard surface, it is going to get the job done.

Our test car did not, although its curved surface has been less than ideal to put on the iPod instead, iGrip maintained it mostly stable — only in a position as ideally business since we’d have enjoyed.

Other options like iGrip

You can able to acquire Griffin’s nearly generic PodPod iPod holder. It practically ensures your iPod will be kept safely in virtually any cupholder at almost every vehicle. And for only just a little more, you may have a better holder, which is likely to be better soon placed to get iPod mounting and viewing.


IGrip pad can be a very intriguing innovation. However, none we’d either utilize ourselves recommend seriously to your others. Also, we’d not feel comfortable unless we use it on a flat dashboard of vehicles.