Disboard is a multi-purpose bot that allows users to set up their own Discord server. It has a lot of commands, and users can build their own communities and teams of moderators.

What does Disboard have to offer?

Disboard.org contains an automatic role management system that assigns roles to users when they join the server and removes them when they depart.

The ability to construct your own Discord server is Disboard’s core feature. This functionality, however, has certain limitations.

You can’t add channels or invite individuals until you first create a role (unless you are the owner of the server).

You cannot remove all messages sent by a person (unless they are referenced by name), nor can you delete all messages posted in a channel.

Fortunately, there are viable options to explore. The 15 finest Disboard alternatives are listed below.

15 Alternatives to Disboard

1. Discord.me

Discord.me is a web-based discord server list that allows you to market your discord server to thousands of other discord users.

It links individuals via communities known as “servers.” It’s a digital home where users may express themselves, talk with other users, and exchange photographs, videos, and links, among other things.

Discord.me is a database of hundreds of public Discord communities that anybody may join, so it can be tough to discover the ideal one for you. To address this issue, they created a tool that allows you to identify new groups on Discord.me based on your interests.

Discord.To me it is a one-stop shop for finding gaming groups and chatting with other gamers.

Disboard is suitable for permanent servers or for those who wish to make their servers public. On the other hand, Discord.me, on the other hand, is ideal for users who want to set up temporary servers, such as if they want to play a game with a group of people they met on Steam or plan an event on Discord but then remove it later.

Discord.me lets you list your Discord server with hundreds of others and strengthen it with premium features. It strives to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing users to get started in seconds!

With Discord.me, you can effortlessly search among hundreds of servers to locate one that meets your needs. Unlike Disboard, it is a free platform that anybody may use.

2. Top.gg

Top.gg is a leaderboard website where users can score and evaluate their favourite Discord bots.

It aids in increasing the number of votes cast for your Discord bot. Discord bot creators have found it increasingly difficult to promote their bots, particularly as the Discord bot ecosystem has gotten more crowded.

Top.gg offers a reward system that allows users to vote for your bot in return for server upgrades, roles, or other benefits.

Users are also rewarded for consistently voting and referring others to vote. This encourages spontaneous growth of your server and involvement from your Top.gg community members.

Top.gg, unlike Disboard, allows users to directly market their bots and is fully free to use.

Top.gg is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with rank scores and search-based menus to help you quickly discover what you’re searching for.

Top.gg’s API also allows developers to upload their bots to the database for everyone to use, making it easy for everyone to discover new bots across a wide range of categories.

It also indicates which Discord servers you’ve joined and how long you’ve been on them. Bots can also be added to the server.

3. Discordservers.com

Discordservers.com is a website that provides a list of Discord servers. It began as a tool for people to play games together and has since evolved into one of the most important ways to engage online, both for personal and corporate purposes.

Discordservers.com is a superior option to Disboard since it offers additional capabilities such as tag search, filtering, and sorting.

Discordservers.com allows you to list your Discord server and provides an API for retrieving server information via simple HTTP calls. This makes it simple to utilise services like IFTTT to send notifications when new servers are added or withdrawn from the site, or to offer additional functionality.

Discordservers.com is a massive server list that allows you to view how many users are on a server, how many are online, and their status.

It also includes a directory of all the servers that have been added to the database. Users can also register their server with them and gain free access to some amazing tools!

It offers the same service as Disboard but takes a different strategy to find better servers for your queries.

Many Disboard servers utilise bogus bots and other techniques to boost their rankings at the top of search results. Discordservers.com avoids this by including a vote mechanism in each server profile.

Users may score servers based on their quality and content rather than how they promote themselves using this voting mechanism.

When you create your server, Discordservers.com automatically provides a listing for you so that others may discover you more quickly. The more people that join your server, the more people there will be to talk to and exchange ideas with!

4. Discord.st

Discord.st is a new Disboard replacement that is far superior to Disboard. Aside from being a far more sophisticated site, it has a fully adjustable top list system, which means you have complete control over the voting system.

If you run a server and want to advertise it on Discord.st, you can change what voters see when they vote for your server!

Discord.st is a server list created by and for the community. It works on the premise that if you want your server to be featured, you should also vote for other servers.

Discord.st acts as a proxy between your browser and Discord’s official list, allowing it to make real-time modifications to the website.

5. Mee6.xyz

Mee6 is a server bot that allows you to add commands. This means you may instruct the bot to deliver an announcement anytime something occurs on a certain channel.

You may also use it to impose constraints on your server, such as requiring the use of specified channels for certain terms.

Mee6 also contains several interesting features, such as custom commands and a levelling system. Mee6 is a superior alternative to Disboard since it is easier to set up without coding experience.

Mee6.xyz is a free, helpful, and entertaining browser extension for Chrome or Chromium-based browsers.

In comparison to Disboard, the Mee6.xyz addon gives you more options to better administer your Discord server.

Another fantastic feature provided by Mee6 is automatic role assignment; when a new member joins your server, the bot will assign them the role that corresponds to their key (if they belong to any). Using the ‘key adds’ command, you may add as many keys as you wish.

Moderation features like kick and ban may now be utilised straight from the Mee6 moderation dashboard, eliminating the need to use slash commands in Discord.

Furthermore, Mee6 allows players to obtain XP and levels by participating in server activities and being rewarded with rank cards (a visual representation of user profiles). By attaining specific role levels, they can access unique self-assigned responsibilities.

6. Discordbotlist.com

Discord Bot List is a website where you can browse and search for bots. It has a website, rating systems, and moderator tools, among other things.

Discord Bot List was designed as a replacement for Disboard since it lacked several features, such as the ability to organise bots by category or tags.

The most significant advantage of utilising Discord Bot List over other sites such as Disboard is that it allows you to search for bots based on tags rather than simply names and descriptions. This greatly simplifies the process of discovering new bots!

Users may upload their bots on their websites using the Discord Bot List. They allow users to rank bots, and because they are the primary bot list, it is an excellent way to get your bot’s name out there.

However, it is not without flaws; for example, the verification procedure isn’t the easiest in the world (in my experience).

Their API is also quite restrictive — you can only obtain the top 1000 bots (or fewer) via their API, and you won’t even receive all of the information unless you have access to the API key (which they only give out to verified bots).

If you are not a “certified” bot on DBL, you will have to perform extra work every day in order to know how many servers you are on.

7. Steamcommunity.com

Steamcommunity.com is a website operated by Valve Corporation that allows Steam users to create accounts, explore other people’s profiles, and join numerous groups for different games.

You can also invite your friends to join your group so that you can all stay linked in the same neighbourhood.

The nicest aspect about utilising Steamcommunity.com is that it allows you to simply contact friends who also use Steam.

It also lets you buy games from the Steam site. Steamcommunity.com is fantastic since it enables you to connect with other gamers on your buddy list as well as other players who enjoy the same games as you.

Disboard is a resource for finding information. Because it has been active for a long time and has a large user base, new and fascinating items are constantly added. Disboard, unlike Steam, is massive and may be overwhelming at times.

8. Linkvertise.com

Linkvertise.com is a platform where you can make money just by sharing links!

Your links have been shortened, and anyone who clicks on them will be sent to an intermediary page with an ad. They will be forwarded to the destination site if they click the “skip” button (your link). It’s that simple!

When you share a link, your friend or subscriber is forwarded to a page where they must wait 15 seconds before proceeding to the target website (the one you want them to go to). Your friend or subscriber will see an ad during this period.

Disboard is notorious for being extremely unpleasant, and most of the time, the user is unable to access the desired destination page. Your friends and subscribers may be confident that they will always arrive at their destination when they use Linkvertise.

Linkvertise is a fast-growing link shortening platform with strong CPM and conversion rates. It’s simple to use, and high-converting links allow you to earn more money while allowing users to simply bypass advertising.

Linkvertise is less expensive than Disboard since it charges a smaller per-impression price. The advantage is that you may charge different prices for different types of material, so if you post pornographic material, you can charge more per impression and earn more money.

9. Dyno.gg

Dyno.gg is a website that lists thousands of Discord servers and allows you to browse through them easily.

It is easier to use than Disboard, which is a little more sophisticated and can be difficult to use if you don’t already know your way around.

The key advantage of Dyno.gg over Disboard is that its search function is far more user-friendly.

Instead of scrolling through countless pages or navigating through many categories, Dyno.gg allows you to search for specific phrases or genres using a simple search box at the top of the page.

You may add your server to the Dyno.gg list by visiting their website. This list contains a category structure that allows users to browse servers based on certain areas of interest.

The site itself has a wealth of Discord information, including how to construct bots and much more. The website also includes a Discord bot that serves as a proxy between the site and your server’s Dyno bot.

These bots are useful for automating activities like moderating chat, publishing messages, and handling giveaways, whether you’re a gamer or content provider.

With over 90,000 active servers and over three million unique users each month, it’s one of the most popular bots on Discord.

10. Discordhome.com

Discordhome.com is a server list dedicated solely to Discord servers. It provides a ranking and review system to help you locate the finest Discord servers.

Users may rank and review servers, providing interested parties with information about the communities they are contemplating joining.

The server listing functions essentially identically to the Disboard listing, but with features such as a functional “tag” system that filters results based on the tags selected and more descriptive server descriptions.

It was created to take the place of Disboard, which had become excessively bloated. Disboard is still a good website, but it lacks the speed and simplicity of Discordhome.

Discordhome also includes Discord server tracking and statistics, which are calculated every 12 hours.

This allows you to showcase the most popular servers on the main page and provide some interesting facts about Discord servers (such as how many servers there are with a particular bot).

11. Disforge.com

Disforge.com is a relatively new Discord bot list designed to replace Disboard, which has issues.

The bot list is handled by several friends, which makes me biassed, but I can assure you that they have worked hard to make it amazing despite the fact that it is new!

Like Disboard, you may add bots to your server via the website. You may also add and promote your bots.

Disforge.com includes many more capabilities than Disboard, such as the ability to run many servers from a single account and to configure automated moderating settings (which are useful and offer better support for mobile users).

Disforge.com allows you to construct your own free Discord server. You may use this website to set up a Discord server for any reason, including gaming, business, education, and employment. The options are limitless!

Other websites allow you to establish your own Discord server, but none are as simple or as powerful as Disforge.

If you use Disboard today, it will take at least 10 seconds to load the list of servers, and each server page will take another 5–10 seconds.Disforge instantaneously loads all of this data and has far superior search filters than Disboard.

12. Discordlist.io

Discordlist.io is a free directory of Discord servers that anybody can join. The major purpose is to build a community where anyone can meet and communicate with new individuals who share their interests.

Discordlist.io ranks servers based on votes, members, frequency of updates, and other factors. Users can also manually rate each server.

CleverBot is a chatbot used by Discordlist.io to answer your queries or commands in the chatbox on the right side of the website.

Cleverbot is an AI chatbot that learns from what you say and then attempts to respond with something similar to what you just said.

CleverBot’s main goal is for entertainment, but it may also help you discover answers to your Discordlist.io inquiries (if any).

Discordlist.io is a superior alternative to Disboard since it offers more suggestions while looking for new servers to join. Their website is lighter than Disboard’s, resulting in reduced latency or poor loading times on slow PCs, laptops, or smartphones.

13. DiscordL.org

DiscordL is a bot that assists you in locating the best servers from the many available. This subreddit is intended to assist individuals in finding their ideal server, and it accomplishes this by enabling server moderators to promote their servers here.

The algorithm also includes a “boost” mechanism in which servers get points for achieving particular goals, such as obtaining their first vote or acquiring their first member. This helps new servers compete with older ones and allows them to be viewed by a larger number of players.

It all comes together to provide a fair rating system that allows anybody with a good server to get discovered without spending any money or effort advertising it elsewhere, which is why it’s such a great alternative to Disboard!

DiscordL is superior to Disboard since it lacks advertisements, is less crowded, and has shorter loading times, making it an excellent substitute.

14. DiscordApp

DiscordApp is a text, image, video, and audio communication programme and streaming platform for video game groups that allows members in a chat channel to communicate by voice and text. Also read this if your Discord Mic Not Working.

Discord is available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and web browsers. Individuals all over the world can connect by allowing them to create servers.

They may then ask others to join them on their server, where they can talk about everything from the game they’re playing to what’s going on in their lives.

For a monthly membership fee, Discord App’s Nitro gives you access to additional features such as HD streaming and animated servers. Unless you choose to subscribe to Nitro, it’s free to use.

15. Cosmic List

CosmicList is a platform for advertising on Discord servers. It’s a terrific location to promote your server and recruit new users!

There are several categories on the server. You can promote your server on each category’s own channel.

The number of members on the promoted server determines the order of the channels. This implies that when you navigate through a category, the top servers will be displayed first.

Cosmic List also contains an economic system that lets you earn credits for advertising your server, voting for other users, and other activities. These credits can then be used to improve your own servers.


Discord.me and Top.gg are two of the most popular Discord list websites. We’ll explain why these two websites are superior to Disboard and why you should use them instead.

The first reason to prefer Discord.me or Top.gg over Disboard is that they have a considerably larger user base than Disboard, which means your server will have a much better chance of obtaining more members if you utilise one of these sites instead of Disboard.

Discord.me and Top.gg provide considerably more comprehensive filtering algorithms that allow you to filter by category, genre, or language, ensuring that your server can reach individuals who are interested in what it has to offer.